The Little Fulla gets a New Hat

The last few days since we got back from holiday have been very busy; unpacking, getting back into routines, cleaning the house, dealing with feather children (gone and incoming), dealing with medical stuff and penning the blog posts that have been bursting out of my head. In all this I’ve somehow managed to knit The Little Fulla’s new woolly hat in the space of four evenings, by the half hour or hour at a time. Now I really have knocked a project of my list. Yuss! Note to self: stay off Ravelry and all knitting-related websites until at least next project on list is begun.

The Little Fulla’s woolly hat

I used the same yarn as what I knitted The Husband’s woolly hat in, Bergere de France ‘Alaska’, but used a different pattern that included various child sizes. I used the same needle sizes that I used for The Husband’s hat too, because I didn’t want to buy more, which, along with the yarn gauge, were slightly different to the pattern, so I had to figure things out a little bit by eye. I am pleased to report that my eyes are effective and the hat fits The Little Fulla well, with a little room for growth too. He is just too cute to handle. Hmm, what shall I do next?

The Little Fulla in his new hat.

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