Of Chicken Names and Mantis Games

You will be pleased to know that the chickens are all still alive. The Fellowship of the Egg stands strong, albeit with only one current egg-bearer, Frodo. How appropriate. I’m still treading carefully in the wake of the coccidiosis issues. To keep my spirits up, I think it’s time I gave Mr Rooster a proper name. He has well and truly joined The Fellowship. If I give you three guesses I bet you could figure out his chosen name. Go on, give it a crack. If he was grey, well, blue, no doubt he would be a Gandalf. But he’s not, he’s black. So… Ok, I’ll tell you. Here it comes.

DSCF6565 ed cp
Mr Rooster?
DSCF6560 cp
The treats bowl is a curious thing – Legolas, Sam And Frodo.

But first, have you ever seen chickens getting a praying mantis? I know they’re great for the garden because they eat pesky bugs, but here in New Zealand the South African praying mantis is out-competing our native praying mantis, so it’s acceptable to sacrifice some of the South African ones to the chickens. The first time I threw one in the chicken pen I didn’t know if they would go for it or not. Well, Sam and Frodo both grabbed at it, a flurry ensued and the mantis was savagely ripped in half, with each chicken running away with a piece of mantis in their beak.

The other morning I found a South African praying mantis on the deck so I excitedly trotted off to give it to the chickens. Frodo ran over and got a few pecks at it first. Her excited little noises drew Mr Rooster, who looked at it for a second or two before Sam swooped in and, quick as a fox, grabbed the mantis. Now they all wanted it. It was like the seagulls in Finding Nemo: “Mine.” “Mine.” “Mine.” “Mine.” Sam would burst off in a short run with the others chasing her, ogling the green bug protruding from her beak. When they caught up to her she would burst off in another direction, with Frodo and Legolas trying to keep up. I think Mr Rooster was just running after them all because he didn’t know what to think. It was such a spectacle that I ran to get my camera. Alas, when I returned the mantis was no more so I don’t know how the mantis game ended.

DSCF6559 cp
The mantis game is over. Sam’s not telling what happened and Legolas looks like a stunned mullet.

So, what was that about Mr Rooster getting a name? Oh, yes. I haven’t forgotten. It’s coming. Re-introducing the latest member of The Fellowship of the Egg, henceforth as he shall be known…

(Cue trumpet noises…)




DSCF6555 cp

Oh yes, I can hear the groans from here. But seriously, he looks like an Elrond, doesn’t he? It’s just going to sound a bit weird if Elrond becomes the father of Frodo’s babies. Hehe.

Stay tuned for the possibility…

3 thoughts on “Of Chicken Names and Mantis Games

  1. He looks like Elrond! I am in envy of your LOTR themed names. I wish I’d thought of it, but I let my kids name out birds so they are quite random. This year’s Littles do have a slight Disney theme. We’ve got Cinderella, Briar Rose, Rapunzel, Jasmine. And then non-Disney … Tweety and Ashley (formerly Ashe)


    1. Hehe, it is fun having themes! The LOTR theme all started because we kept referring to Sam as “the fat one”, and the ball just keeps rolling. The only problem is they’ve all got guys names, not like your princess Littles! Maybe I need an Arwen to even things out…

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