Things Got a Bit Wild

Well, hellooo. Here we are at the start of a different year. Sort of. We’re still at the start, right? How did that happen so fast? I took an unplanned break from blogging as life got very busy with a young family, the chickens, the garden, creating vlogs on our YouTube channel and end-of-year things. … More Things Got a Bit Wild

2021 Homestead Report

Here is the post on the aims and goals at the start of 2021. To say 2021 was an interesting year would be an understatement. It was all-over-the-place. New Zealand experienced a bit more of what the rest of the world had been facing with lockdowns and other restrictions. I started the year eager to … More 2021 Homestead Report

All Strung up

Things have been certifiably crazy around here. Or was that me? Several weeks ago The Husband had surgery that he’s been waiting to have for a while. The opportunity came up for him to have it done out of town, with less than a week’s notice, and we went for it. We didn’t think it … More All Strung up