2021 Homestead Report

Here is the post on the aims and goals at the start of 2021. To say 2021 was an interesting year would be an understatement. It was all-over-the-place. New Zealand experienced a bit more of what the rest of the world had been facing with lockdowns and other restrictions. I started the year eager to … More 2021 Homestead Report

We Have Merchandise!

I’m pleased to announce the official opening of our online merchandise store. Here you can purchase Wild Hope Homestead hoodies, t-shirts, tote bags and mugs designed by myself. Digitees provides the products they are printed on, does the printing and takes care of the orders and shipping. Shipping starts from $6 for one to two … More We Have Merchandise!

In Which Rain Arrives

It’s been a tiring week for me. While most people are probably busy with Christmas preparations and end-of-year things, I’ve been swamped with household and homestead chores and tasks in the aftermath of going through some hard things this year. I’ve been making a big push to get certain things done while The Husband is … More In Which Rain Arrives