Baby Cheepers

Winston Cheepers is now a father. There are baby cheepers running around. Batch #1 The first batch of eggs were in the incubator until lockdown (egg lockdown, not pandemic lockdown), when they were given to broody hen Frodo. She successfully hatched all eight of Jenny Cheeply’s eggs, which are her grandchicks, before standing up and … More Baby Cheepers

Have I screwed up my Chicken Breeding Plans?

While everyone’s been stockpiling random items from the supermarket, I guess you could say I’ve been stockpiling chickens. I’ve had young cockerels to butcher, between the age of 11-13 weeks. You may remember the discovery of red feathers on the blue Frodo cockerel, in the previous lot of youngsters and how I had then determined to … More Have I screwed up my Chicken Breeding Plans?