Is it Time For a Cloaking Device? (Crop Covers)

Oh dear. There are some weird things going on in the world at the moment. What is the world coming to when I’m making a Star Wars reference? Or even worse, Star Trek? Don’t worry, The Husband has not taken over the blog. I’m still here. And so are my brassica seedlings thanks to my … More Is it Time For a Cloaking Device? (Crop Covers)

Sloth or Still Here!?

Life continues, like a strange rollercoaster of ebbs and flows, carried by a constant tide of pregnancy peculiarities, both physical and emotional. Sometimes I feel bold, driven and overwhelmed by thankfulness, like Morpheus, not the chicken, the strong and prestigious leader in The Matrix movies, when he addresses the mass of people before him and … More Sloth or Still Here!?

Antics of The Week

This week has been full of all sorts of activities, despite battling through more winter sickness on the weekend. Oh, the things we get up to. City folk and more consumer-driven folk must wonder what on earth I’m thinking sometimes, but I have so much fun making our lives more healthy, saving money and learning … More Antics of The Week