The Pickle Train is Crashing

It has been very hot here. Things are drying out even faster this year. We haven’t had more than a light dusting of rain and no decent rain for over a month (until today – hooray!). The vegetable gardens are surviving on my once-a-week hose watering, using water from the garage rain tank with the … More The Pickle Train is Crashing

Just Plum Crazy

If there’s one word that sums up my life right now, it’s ‘plums’. Harvesting plums, buckets of plums, sinks of bathing plums, chopping plums, trying to use and preserve ALL the plums. Well, the ones we haven’t given away. And sometimes in 30degC (86degF) weather too. I feel like I’m always talking about plums. Probably … More Just Plum Crazy