The Pickle Train is Crashing

It has been very hot here. Things are drying out even faster this year. We haven’t had more than a light dusting of rain and no decent rain for over a month (until today – hooray!). The vegetable gardens are surviving on my once-a-week hose watering, using water from the garage rain tank with the … More The Pickle Train is Crashing

All Strung up

Things have been certifiably crazy around here. Or was that me? Several weeks ago The Husband had surgery that he’s been waiting to have for a while. The opportunity came up for him to have it done out of town, with less than a week’s notice, and we went for it. We didn’t think it … More All Strung up

The Chicken Election Finally Comes to a Head

The chicken election has been a tumultuous affair. Ever since head hen Paris was culled, ending her somewhat tyrannical reign, the caucus has been in disarray without an elected hen leader. We return to the election trail shortly. But first, an introduction to the youngest members of the flock, the chosen ones from 2020 spring … More The Chicken Election Finally Comes to a Head