Chick Time Again

We’ve got chicks again! I’d like to say it was a successful hatch, but it wasn’t exactly. I had issues with the incubator again, not helped by the wildly fluctuating end-of-spring weather. Also, the auto-turner stopped one day in the first couple of days, something to do with the power point it was plugged into, … More Chick Time Again

A White Christmas?

We’ve had an unusual cold snap. Outside it was 11degC (it had gotten down to 2degC overnight) and frigid rain was falling. It isn’t autumn or winter here. I found myself making Christmas decorations with the fire going and listening to ‘White Christmas’, 10 days out from the first month of Summer, and I thought, … More A White Christmas?

In Which The Incubator Gives us Some Chicks

The chick hatching trial run is complete. After much patience and checking through the windows, our first little incubator chick hatched last Saturday. Quite fittingly, it was one of the Australorps. A black one. The other two Australorps pipped (broke a small hole the shell) and followed suit the same day, but the three Dorking … More In Which The Incubator Gives us Some Chicks