Catching up, Christmas & a Daft Chicken

In the week before Christmas there were numerous things to do. The chicken tasks had to take a backseat while I caught up on some gardening and The Husband did some food things. But first, a word on that chicken. When we had the nice rainy patch I thought that had dealt with Little Teriyaki … More Catching up, Christmas & a Daft Chicken

All Strung up

Things have been certifiably crazy around here. Or was that me? Several weeks ago The Husband had surgery that he’s been waiting to have for a while. The opportunity came up for him to have it done out of town, with less than a week’s notice, and we went for it. We didn’t think it … More All Strung up

Gardening Weekend?

Last weekend was Labour Weekend, the three-day weekend widely thought of as Gardening Weekend, as this is when it’s generally safe to plant tomatoes, cucurbits and a bunch of other summer things. Of course, I usually scoff at this notion because you can plant them earlier or later. It’s not like you’ve missed the boat … More Gardening Weekend?