Getting Figgy With it

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, for my own benefit. Because I wasn’t listening properly last time. Preserving waits for no man! Autumn is a great time to get projects done, because the weather actually does cool down a bit, quite beautifully. But then again, it’s not such a great time for … More Getting Figgy With it

Sloth Gardening

I have taken up sloth gardening. I wasn’t planning on having an injury in the spring of my ‘Best Cropping Season Ever’. Ha! But I cannot let the garden slide away. I must grow stuff! Not just because I love growing stuff, but while I don’t have a job, I consider it my job to … More Sloth Gardening

Homestead Update

Well, things have been certifiably nuts around here of late. I have been sick and fatigued off and on as I try to figure out what food or foods are causing me issues. That is making it difficult to get things done and it seems time is whizzing by while I’m scrambling to get a … More Homestead Update

Smitten by a Pumpkin

First I was bitten by the pumpkin competition bug, now I am smitten with a pumpkin. The mini pumpkin Wee Be Little not only provided me with an award-winning pumpkin, it tastes AWESOME! I just want to keep eating it… Before this, I’d only really had the blue-skinned Crown pumpkins or the pale, insipid, butternut-type … More Smitten by a Pumpkin