The Matter of Compost Bins

I had been dissatisfied with my black plastic compost bin for a while; it just wasn’t doing the job. It came with the house, so I tried to use it , but I kept dreaming of having a bigger compost bin that actually worked properly.

Black compost bin

I was eyeing up wooden compost bins on Trade Me; the ones that have two sections so you can have one on the go while the other one is composting. But they were too pricey for me so I thought about the possibility of getting The Husband to make one for me. That wouldn’t be much cheaper and the chances of it happening weren’t particularly promising. Then I stumbled across a brilliant concept. Make a compost bin for free with old pallets. Oh yes. That was the option for me! We got four pallets for free from Trade Me and The Husband whipped up a compost bin before I could tell him how it should be done.

Pallet compost bin

It’s not exactly the most finely built compost bin in the world but it works! And I can fit a lot more stuff in it. The front pallet opens so I can get the compost out more easily when it’s ready. If I can find some more free pallets, maybe I can have a second one too. Furthermore, I sold the black compost bin on Trade Me for $8. I am altogether quite chuffed with how this compost bin situation worked out.

What do you think?

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