Hope Springs up Amongst The Weeds

I have been ignoring my weed-invaded front garden for a while, apart from spraying the oxalis, in favour of working on the back garden. But over the last few weeks something remarkable has happened. From among the dying weeds and barren earth, bulbs have sprung forth! The snowflakes were the first to appear. I’m guessing they are spring snowflakes (Leucojum vernum). I love snowflakes and snowdrops, so I am very pleased to find some here. Next to appear were flushes of  short green leaves, which, from my limited bulb knowledge, I’m guessing might be hyacinths. There are heaps of them! The garden bed in these photos was covered in weedmat, rocks and weeds until I got stuck into it. This is a good illustration of why I don’t like weedmat; the poor bulbs have probably been waiting under there for a long time to be able to grow and see the light of day. They have energy to burn judging by their lush growth.

DSCF0427 cp

I’m still deciding what to plant in this garden as I wait for the oxalis to come under control. Now I can mark where the bulbs are so I don’t plant anything over them later on. The rocks will be a nice feature again once I have planted everything. For now, I am enjoying watching the bulbs thrive instead of the weeds. Hope lives!

From this:

DSCF9927 ed

To this:


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