The Christmas Tree Decoration Experimentation

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On Saturday, I took it upon myself to bum around for most of the day. It was raining and gloomy outside, so I resigned myself to the couch. Actually, I think the couch got stuck to me. For quite a while… It may have had something to do with the late-night movie watching of Friday.

Bumming around every once-in-a-while is nice, but highly unproductive, so, while I felt rested, I also started to feel twitchy, fidgety and like I needed to do at least one useful thing. So, on Saturday evening, I tackled the spare room, also known as the messy room. The spare bedroom has a bookshelf, a writing desk, a filing cabinet, a newly-acquired cabinet thingy and a floor that has been gathering things, slowly but surely. Part of the problem is a lack of storage-type furniture and the other part is we just couldn’t be bothered to sort it out. But no more! I tidied as much as I could and filled up the cabinet with material, knitting and other crafty supplies. Yes, there is still a bit of a pile in there, but that is The Husband’s pile that he needs to deal with. I will remind him of that. And there are those dining chairs that I need to get around to re-furbishing… Some day…

When I had finished, I was feeling pleased with myself, so I rewarded myself with some crafty Christmas decoration experimentation time. I have been trying to re-define my Christmas tree decorations into a particular colour theme instead of the whatever-I’ve-got, all-the-colours-of-the-rainbow collection I had somehow amassed. Can you guess what the colour theme is? Yeah, it involves burgundy… Burgundy, reds and browns. And, obviously, with a rustic sort of flavour. I have been admiring all sorts of rustic, homely decorations on Pinterest and Google and decided that I had to make some in order to get what I wanted. I haven’t made Christmas tree decorations before. Well, apart from the hideous childhood ones, which I’m sure were beautiful to my childhood self, of spray-painted macaroni and weird paper stuffs. You know the ones.

DSCF1297 cp

Earlier on, I had taken a trip to Spotlight, which is always dangerous, especially when armed with a VIP Club voucher. I had intended to get a couple of Sistema containers for the pantry, but somehow came out with a packet of polystyrene stars, some red-beige ribbon, a wad of red and white gingham and two ‘flat fats’ of material. Oops. Oh well, I had a lot of fun discovering the world of flat fats. Then there was the day that The Husband and I went to David’s Emporium. I have a weakness for artificial birds, which I think is something to do with my childhood. And by that, I mean I had an artificial bird and I liked it. So I came out with two wee birds for the Christmas tree and some artificial cherries. I think I need to go back there. There’s something about those blimmin’ birds.

Thus, on Saturday night, I cranked up the Christmas music (the sounds of The Husband’s Japanese anime programs weren’t really capturing the Christmas spirit), busted out the craft stuff, pinecones and glue guns and got a little bit nuts. Well, the glue gun got nuts. We have two glue guns. I’m not even sure where they came from, but we managed to buy glue sticks for the larger, ‘special’ glue gun. It doesn’t have a stand, it doesn’t have a trigger and it has a habit of oozing out whenever it feels like it. What sort of gun doesn’t have a trigger? I muttered things at the glue gun. As I discovered how fiddly and slow it is to cover 3-D stars with fabric (so… many… angles…), I watched the glue gun ooze almost more glue onto the cardboard it sat on than onto my decorations. I may have ranted at it a little bit. But the Christmas music kept me cherry. Cherry ranting. I only got a few decorations done, but I am pleased with how my experiments are going and I have plenty more supplies. Except pinecones. I need to go on a pinecone hunt. I told this to The Husband, who looked at all the pinecones I have around the house and asked why I couldn’t use them. They are my decorative pinecones. I need pinecones for the Christmas tree. He must wonder what goes on in my head sometimes. So do I…

DSCF1421 cp

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