Finders, Keepers

There has been a bit of hunting and gathering going on lately. The first excursion began when I was driving to work one day, on a lovely country road. I noticed that people had left all kinds of items out by their letterboxes, evidently for a waste collection day. As I whizzed past at 100km/h, I got my eagle eye on. I spotted a blue plastic drum, but having already passed it and not wanting to be late for work, I decided I would get it if it was still there on my way home. It was. That blue drum was gonna be mine. As soon as I pulled into the driveway beside the drum, a car that was driven by, I assume, the owner, pulled in and waved to me. I pretended to be using my phone… So, there’s nothing wrong with taking someone’s trash, but it’s still a wee bit awkward. After he had disappeared from view, I quickly got out, shoved the big drum into the car and took off, feeling mightily pleased with myself. Why so pleased? I’ve been wanting a plastic drum to make a tumbling compost bin out of. Just what I need. Another project.

DSCF1513 cp
The blue drum – destined to be a tumbling compost bin.

On Saturday, I decided that I needed to go pinecone hunting. Urgently. I needed more pinecones for my Christmas tree decorations. Somehow I convinced The Husband to come pinecone hunting with me, despite the fact that he was still waking up from his hayfever-induced afternoon sleep. We drove to my selected location, where I suspected the pinecones would be lurking. First up we found some tiny wee pinecones that weren’t quite gonna cut it, but I took a few anyway, ‘coz they’re so darn cute. Then, we went a little bit bush, just slightly, and found the giant pinecones. These weren’t going to work for the Christmas tree, but they were exceedingly awesome. So we shoved those in the bag too. The more I looked at them, the more inspired I became. But I needed Christmas tree decoration-sized pinecones too. A little further search found the motherload. Oh yes! We took them all! Well, all the ones on the ground that weren’t damaged, from that one special tree. Christmas is coming!

Pinecone haul
The pinecone haul.
DSCF1522 cp
The tiny wee pinecones and a giant pinecone. Pinecones are fascinating.

The latest find came from The Husband. He arrived home today with a wooden cable wheel that had been left out by the road for some thrifty, creative genius to collect. That genius is The Husband. It is just the right size for an outdoor, or even indoor coffee table. We could put partitions around the inside to store books and things if it were to be an indoor coffee table. And I haven’t even done an internet search yet. Oh no, not another project! I think there’s a slight possibility that we may need to join Projectaholics Anonymous…

DSCF1512 ed cp
The cable wheel – destined to be some sort of coffee table.

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