Merry Christmas, From Work

I’m loving my work right now. Aside from the fact that I really enjoy my job and I have crazy but awesome workmates (my bro’s with mo’s), this week I received my Christmas present from work. It was a $100 voucher for The Mad Butcher. Excellent. The Husband and I headed off to The Mad Butcher this morning, with one main mission: find a turkey. We said we’d bring one for Christmas dinner with The Husband’s family, and since neither of us have hunting skills, a bagged turkey was preferable. I’m happy to say that the mission was accomplished. The 4kg turkey was soon joined in the trolley by a small ham for post-Christmas happiness, 1kg of bacon bits (a staple in our household) and three packs of different flavoured sausages.


As if this wasn’t enough joy from work, I also won an award for my Brownie Points system, with reasons cited that sound way too lofty for me to even mention. I get a $50 voucher from a place of my choice. I’m just having trouble choosing where. The obvious choice would be Bunnings, but I’m keen for some more fruit trees and a trip to Bunnings today showed it hasn’t got much left in the way of what I’m looking for. And vouchers don’t last very long in my wallet. Another option is Mitre10 Mega, which we also sussed out today. They had more options. But then there’s a Bunnings in Cambridge too, which I haven’t been to, surprisingly. Or maybe Palmers? Oh, the choices. Maybe I should just get more meat. Nope. Maybe I’ll take a wee trip to Palmers tomorrow…

What do you think?

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