A New Recipe Folder

My wee A5 recipe folder had been struggling for a while. I couldn’t fit everything in it, it wasn’t very functional and it was just getting messy. It was time to look around for a new recipe folder, or recipe organiser. Turns out there ain’t much out there. They were all too small, too flowery, too boring or too expensive. So, I took it into my own hands and made one up myself.

DSCF2273 ed cp

I bought a black A4 ringbinder folder with a clear insert cover, which is hopefully thick enough for all the recipes that seem to keep mysteriously spitting out of the printer… I also bought a pack of 10 coloured plastic dividers and spent some time figuring out which 10 food categories to choose for my recipe folder. The fun part was designing a cover for it, which I printed out and edged in some strips of burlap (hessian). Then I needed to design an insert for the spine.

DSCF2276 ed cp

Then I needed to design a colour-coded index page.

DSCF2277 ed cp

Then I needed to design a category title for each divider. Then I watched the title print-outs start to turn blue-green after I glued them in. Maybe I should have used the other glue. But that glue had caused the Christmas Eve glue explosion, so I was a bit glue-shy.

Anyway, to cut the waffling short, I’m pretty stoked with my new recipe folder. No-one else has one like it, I can do whatever I want with it and I can fit nice big recipes in it. I just have to make sure that The Husband doesn’t melt a hole into the back of this one…

DSCF2283 cp

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