Another Big Announcement

This weekend brings another big announcement to the world of Twiglet. We have just gone unconditional on a house! Our house. This is why things have been a little quiet over the last two weeks, as well as the long-awaited holiday we took to Christchurch for a week to visit friends and extended family.

It has been a long and treacherous road to get the house, which encroached into our holiday. On Thursday we thought we had to give up on the property, one day before going unconditional, and were feeling gutted and downtrodden. Friday brought new hope and a solution to the problem, and mourning turned into excitement, plus a state of shock, as the house suddenly became ours.

I am so looking forward to having a place of my own and the best part is that it’s in the countryside. Living in the country is a dream that I’ve had since I was a little girl. I also wanted to be a cowgirl, but anyway… I didn’t think this dream was possible yet but here we are. The property doesn’t have any paddocks but has a large yard, just under 1200m2. This is enough space for the 12-odd fruit trees already there, a big vege garden, plenty of garden for me to fiddle with, space to play for young and old and even space for chickens. Chickens! I need to learn about chickens now.

We have four weeks until settlement and moving weekend. So I guess we should get packing…

Why, hello house! (Photo taken by Harcourts)

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