Easter is Happiness

Easter is a happy time for many reasons, although it is also a little sad. There is chocolate, there are hot cross buns and there is a nice long weekend, but there is also a reason to celebrate life. While it is always sad and sobering to think about what Jesus went through on the cross, he did it for a very good reason. His punishment for our sins means that we can have a relationship with God based on love, without fear of punishment and knowing what it means to truly be forgiven and free and in turn, to forgive others. And that’s pretty darn happy.

So, let’s celebrate with some hot cross buns, ay?

Hot cross buns Hot cross buns

And maybe some chocolate hot cross buns too… I just added 1/2 cup of good quality cocoa for these. So, they aren’t double chocolate, as I didn’t want to ruin them with sugary chocolate chips. But next year, I will make some of my own chocolate and try out double chocolate hot cross buns. Double happiness!

Choc hot cross buns

Choc hot cross buns

Happy Easter!

2 thoughts on “Easter is Happiness

  1. My new method for this year: do the last bulk ferment of the hot cross buns in the fridge overnight so that you can bake them off on Sunday morning and fill the house with that amazing bun smell to welcome the day.


    1. That sounds nice, Mike. There’s nothing like the smell of bread in the morning. I felt the need for hot cross buns long before Sunday rolled around but did have some nice warmed buns on Sunday! I think I shall put dried apricots in my buns next year too; at the moment I just use currants.


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