Citrus Season

It is definitely citrus season at my place. The trees are alive with yellow and orange baubles; all five mature citrus trees having ripe fruit now. Yup, that means the unknown citrus has made itself known! Quite by surprise too. I picked up what I thought were a couple of grapefruit off the ground and proceeded to cut one open to squeeze for a hot grapefruit honey drink. That’s when I discovered it was an orange. Yay! I was hoping it would be an orange tree. The oranges are a yellow-orange colour, which makes them look similar to the grapefruit, but they are very tasty. So, that leaves us with a lemon tree, a grapefruit tree, two tangelo trees and an orange tree.

Grapefruit, orange, tangelo and lemon trees
Grapefruit, orange, tangelo and lemon trees
It’s an orange!

Then there are the other citrus trees that aren’t mature yet… The ‘Silverhill’ mandarin is supposed to fruit over winter as well. And my Tahitian lime too. And my potted lemon ‘Yen Ben’. Many, many citrus trees ripening in winter. Ha. I don’t think the previous owners had a fruit plan! I also have a potted ‘Best Seedless Dwarf’ orange, which doesn’t seem quite so necessary now, but the good thing about it is that it is supposed to fruit from September to November. So, maybe I will keep it and plant it after all…

Fantail – several of these little dudes like to flit around under the fruit trees.

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