Another Knit Bites the Dust

I’m on such a roll, I’ve finished knitting the second pair of booties for Little Twiglet, knitted in Bella Baby Marvel Soft Baby yarn. They are larger than the first pair for when the footsies get a bit bigger. I did the blue leg band because I thought I might run out of the brown yarn but I actually still have a bit left. It’s kind of kool having a point of difference though and I can instantly tell which ones are the bigger pair.

Bigger booties
Little Twiglet’s bigger booties

Bigger booties

Both pairs of booties

I’m finding these booties very cute but I think I have enough for now. So, what’s next? I’m going to take a well-deserved break from baby knitting (until I find another cute pattern) and knit myself some slippers. Somehow there’s a foot theme going on here… My store-bought slippers are totally falling apart so it’s high time I had some new ones. This means moving from tiny yarn and needles to super chunky yarn and fat needles, which feels weird but it’s a nice change, even if they are double pointed. Here are the beginnings of my first slipper, knitted in Garnstudio DROPS Eskimo. The colour is bordeaux, which is rather hard to get an accurate picture of. It is a wine sort of colour, not quite as reddish as I would have liked but we’ll see how it pans out.

The beginnings of a slipper
The beginnings of a slipper

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