Stop the Presses, Somebody Laid an Egg!

Yes, it has happened! Our first home-laid egg. What an exciting day!

The first egg
The first egg

Everyone has been asking if the chickens are laying yet. It was almost getting as bad as kids asking, “Are we there yet?” It’s called winter. Winter is cold and dark and not conducive to egg-laying. But now that the weather is milder and the daylight hours are getting longer, one of the chickens has commenced her egg-laying career. I’m not sure who it is yet. But I suspect it could be Frodo due to the fact that it was incredibly hard to get her out of the run this morning. Strider and Sam came out and followed me no problems, especially Strider, who will almost follow me around like a puppy. But Frodo wouldn’t have a bar of it. She could hear the others chilling out on the lawn while I tried to get her out but she was very reluctant to leave. I finally managed to get her out the gate and shut it so she had no choice but to go join the others. What a debacle. Then they all followed me into the vege pen together.

The egg had a bit of blood on it, which I have read is quite common for hens that are new to laying. It can’t be fun learning to squeeze eggs out. I can relate. The human equivalent of my turn will come soon enough. I will keep a close eye on the chickens over the coming days. Ah, so exciting!

One little egg, hopefully soon to be joined by some others

5 thoughts on “Stop the Presses, Somebody Laid an Egg!

    1. Haha. Yes, it’s all very eggciting. The chickens definitely aren’t laying about though, they’ve been hard at work cleaning up the vege garden while I do less strenuous activities like knitting.


    1. Yes, that was the problem. How to cook the first egg? Well, it’s not a problem anymore. I hard-boiled it since I eat a lot of hard-boiled eggs and it allowed me to compare and contrast. I have to say, that egg was VERY tasty. So fresh! =)


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