The Fruit Trees are Blossoming

You know spring is in full swing when the fruit trees are blossoming. Some time in September (time has a mind of its own at the moment; I’m sure it’s sneakily gotten faster in the last few weeks) I ventured around the garden to take photos of some of them. Spring has revealed the possibility of another three fruit trees that I wasn’t sure about when we moved in. I’m not overly experienced in identifying fruit trees when they’re not fruiting, so I will eagerly await the appearance of some fruit.

There is the tall, gangley fruit tree, which needs some serious shaping.

Tall, gangley fruit tree
The tall, gangley, unnkown fruit tree

There is the squished fruit tree, right next to the potting shed, which I strongly suspect is a plum. It commenced flowering and leaf opening around the same time as my potted ‘Billington’ plum and the flowers look quite similar.

The squished fruit tree
The squished fruit tree – a plum?
'Billington' plum tree flowers
‘Billington’ plum tree flowers

Then there is the hard-pruned, well, kind of hacked, fruit tree, also next to the potting shed. No, I did not hack it, it would have been done not too long before we moved in. But it probably needed it anyway. It has a lot of new growth, and these light pink flowers. I suspect this may be an apricot tree. The flowers were out well before the leaves, but when we moved in I thought the leaves looked apricot tree-ish.

The hard-pruned fruit tree
The hard-pruned fruit tree – an apricot?

The hard-pruned fruit tree flowers

And here are some blossoms on my potted ‘Golden Queen’ peach tree.

'Golden Queen' peach tree flowers
‘Golden Queen’ peach tree flowers

Most of the blossoms have come and gone already. What is that time fellow up to?

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