Preserving Plums Part 1 (Freezer Plums)

The plums are coming in thick and fast. Thus, I must put my preserving hat on quick smart and find some methods and recipes to try and spread the plummy goodness throughout the year.

The first method I’m trying is the one that requires the least time and effort: freezing whole plums. The process goes a little something like this.

  1. Wash and dry fully ripe plums.
  2. Put plums in an airtight container or bag and put it in the freezer.
Washed plums drying out

And that is all! That’s why I chose this method first. The plums supposedly keep for up to six months like this. After freezing them, I tried one of my plums. I had to wait a while for it to soften a little but it made an excellent fruity snack for a hot summer’s day. This is dangerous. I preferred it to non-frozen plums at this time of year. MUST SAVE UNTIL WINTER. Or at least autumn. They may not be as appealing come winter but they will be there as an easy option. I will be freezing some more whole plums, especially if I get stuck with a bunch of ripe ones that quickly need using.

Whole plums ready for the freezer

My next plum experiment will be similar but with slightly more effort required: sliced frozen plums.

4 thoughts on “Preserving Plums Part 1 (Freezer Plums)

    1. Ooh, what sort of peaches do you have, Jo? Yes, I’m looking forward to having some homegrown fruit in the winter. We’ve been relying on bananas far too much. We both really like them but it’s not sustainable or cheap eating so many bananas. I’ve been rather enjoying fresh sliced plums on my breakfast instead of the usual half a banana.


      1. We don’t actually grow fruit but Charlie has a connection at the local fruit market and brings home cases of yellow and white peaches in summer. He peals and stones them, then freezes them in zip-loc bags. We’ve been enjoying them mixed with homemade cranberry sauce and baked with crisp topping. Yum. Jo


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