A New Knitting Project

You might think I would have been driven into a knitting sabbatical after the ordeal with the piglet, but no. I jumped straight into the next project on my list, albeit in a more relaxed, slow kind of way. The knitting has to fit around my busyness with gardening and harvesting at the moment.

Before I show you what I’m up to now, I still need to show you what the completed toy hedgehog looks like. I knitted it for my nephew, The Little Hedgehog, for Christmas. Unlike the piglet, it turned out smaller than I expected. I chose the large pattern size so the small one would have been minuscule! I added a few rows onto the body length too. It is a little small for him to play with at the moment but when he gets older hopefully The Little Hedgehog will get some enjoyment out of it.

The hedgehog

Now, back to the current project. On one of my many trips to Spotlight last year I was sidling past the sale yarn stands when my beady eyes spied this yarn. It was dark green and soft-looking… And soft-feeling. Oops, I touched it! Now I’ll have to buy it. I know you’re not supposed to buy yarn without a pattern in mind, but I did form a pattern idea in my mind. Does that count? Sometimes yarn love just happens. I wanted to use this lovely yarn for a scarf so I spent a while searching for a pattern that both tickled my fancy and fitted the yarn gauge. I resorted to a paid pattern; which tickled my pockets out of a few dollars, but I’m really liking how it’s turning out so far. It requires more concentration than other scarves I’ve knitted but has a little more style. At the rate that I’m knitting it ought to be finished in… a few months…

The green scarf

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