Organised Chickens?

Aye, what are the tricksy chickens up to? In my last feather children update Frodo was the only one laying until she just went broody again. Fortunately, someone else started laying right after that so we have not been egg-less yet. I think the chickens are organised. In fact, I’m convinced. They are taking turns to play hookie so I can’t blame just one of them and are keeping us with just enough eggs to keep me from having a fit.

DSCF5351 cp
Frodo – “I’m the tricksiest chicken of them all!”

After three days in the broody breaker, Frodo laid an egg in there. Excellent. I let her out. She hasn’t laid one since but isn’t broody either. I discovered that the current egg-layer is Sam, meaning Strider still isn’t laying after her limp episode and I’m not sure why. The other tricksy thing that has happened is a coup. A coop coup. Sam has somehow taken the top hen crown off Strider. I wonder if it was the day I thought Sam was moulting since she looked a bit scruffy. Who knows? Sam is often noisy but I didn’t hear any major scraps. I guess Strider probably lost her authority as a result of her time limping and being less active. I wonder if she will ever reclaim her lost crown.

DSCF5345 cp
Sam – “I’ll be taking that crown…”

In summary: Sam is the new top hen and is laying. Strider still isn’t laying. Frodo hasn’t resumed laying after being broody. The eggs are running low. Four left in the fridge.

Stop the presses!

Before I posted this I checked the hen house and was wondrously surprised to find two eggs in there. Two! One was Sam’s and one was Strider’s. Woohoo! This is great news. Yup, those chickens are definitely organised.

DSCF5352 cp
Strider – “Ok, I suppose it’s my turn to lay an egg now.”

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