Hot Cross Bun Time

It is Easter time, and with Easter comes a parade of hot cross buns. I love my hot cross buns. Inevitably, I will be offered hot cross buns numerous times, which I will have to decline because they have milk in them. Never fear! Rain or shine, mountain of housework or plains of playmat time, I will make hot cross buns. I have made two batches so far. The first 18 got eaten in a few days by The Husband and I. He likes his hot cross buns too. They were almost not cross buns because The Little Fulla was being needy, my choice of gladwrap as a piping bag (I haven’t got a piping bag and couldn’t find any plastic bags at the time) left me with a bigger than anticipated hole, which left me with bigger than expected crosses, which left me with less than expected cross mixture, and I was running out of cornflour. I also forgot to glaze them first. Lets just say those hot cross buns looked rustic. They tasted good though. I haven’t got a photo of them because they disappeared to a happy place.

The second batch of hot cross buns got a little bit chocolatey. I added some cocoa powder. I would have added chocolate bits from my homemade chocolate too but I didn’t have time to chop it up. I wasn’t sure how much cocoa to add but I will probably add a tad more next time. For the glaze I had to think a little, as we had no eggs and no jam. Honey seems to have worked just fine. This time the crosses were far better than my first attempt. There just seems to be a bun missing. Oh yeah, I ate that one. They had to be tested immediately for quality control purposes…

DSCF6242 cpDSCF6243 6x4 cp

The Husband went to the supermarket yesterday and noted that they had run out of currants. He thought it was odd since there were plenty of other dried fruits there. I informed him that it would be because people are making hot cross buns. Ah! Obviously, the art of making hot cross buns is alive and kicking. Happy Easter everyone!

2 thoughts on “Hot Cross Bun Time

  1. I made a batch too last week. They took a whole afternoon to make what with all the proving time allowed.
    They’re not as light as I’d have hoped but do have apple and raisins in. Quite delicious I have to say though.
    Excellent job on yours, they look great!

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    1. Yum! I haven’t tried making them with apple in; they sound very nice. They are very time consuming but worth the effort. 🙂 Our household is back to being hot cross bun-less now…

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