The Wrist Warmers That Weren’t Meant to be

Leftover yarn. It’s a knitting problem. If only I would just put the balls (or blobs) in the cupboard like I used to. Part of the problem is that my cupboard is a little full of yarn. So, I am trying to solve one problem by creating another, called Let’s Use As Much Of The Current Yarn As Possible By Finding More Projects To Take Over My Never-ending List. Not a very catchy name, I know, but it’s a working title.

There was the light grey yarn left over from knitting The Husband’s woolly hat, which I used to make The Little Fulla’s woolly hat and then some wee mittens. That took care of that. Then there was the dark green Moda Vera ‘Stirlingshire’ yarn left over from knitting my cowl. I had to do something else with it.

DSCF6420 cp
The Little Fulla’s woolly hat and mittens.

Isn’t it great when you underestimate things? Especially when it comes to knitting. I was quite happily knitting myself some wrist warmers with the dark green yarn when I finally conceded that I only had enough yarn to finish one and a half wrist warmers. Oh, poop. I had been in denial. What was I to do now? Option 1, courtesy of The Husband: finish the second wrist warmer in a different colour. I may be weird, but I’m not quirky, and I will NOT have one green wrist warmer and one half green, half something else. How scandalous! My mind would explode. Option 2: procure more yarn. This is the kind of sticky situation I get for purchasing clearance yarn. There is no more. I’ve tried. No. More. Yarn. Option 3: start over and use a different colour yarn for the ribbing on each end (of both wrist warmers, obviously). This option is a serious contender. The outcome would be a decent pair of wrist warmers. But can I really be bothered starting the project again? Not really, when I could do bigger, better wrist warmers in some other yarn (after the next 10 projects I need to do) and when I could do… Option 4: undo everything and knit something else with the green yarn. Very tempting. But what? And that could just lead to more problems. Suddenly, I am very drawn to Option 5: undo everything and stuff the yarn in the cupboard. Yes, let’s do that!

DSCF6417 cp
The green wrist warmers that weren’t meant to be…

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