In Which Twiglet Acquires a New Gardening Tool

What’s better than a new gardening tool? A tool that you’ve won! A lot of my gardening tools are old and not particularly well cared for, I must admit. Don’t worry, I look after my child a lot better than my tools. I intend to look after my tools, but I haven’t got the proper ‘looking after’ gear organised and in a convenient place. The Husband randomly came home the other day (don’t worry, there isn’t a fullstop here) with a sharpening set. The other night I was talking about needing to sharpen my tools but not having anything to sharpen them with, and he was obviously listening, and not only did he listen but he decided to do something about it. How thoughtful! Good Husband.

DSCF6612 cp
My gardening tools really need some TLC: cleaning, sharpening and oiling. And a better organisational system. I won’t show you my old spades that don’t have handles…

Anyway, that conversation came up because I was admiring my new tool and its sharpness compared to my other gardening implements. But what is it? And how did I acquire it? It, or they, are a pair of secateurs. But not just any secateurs, Fiskars secateurs. I like Fiskars tools. I have Fiskars loppers and they are very easy to wield. They are one of the few newish tools I have. They are, however, pricey. Fortunately, I won the secateurs.

DSCF6614 cp
My Fiskars loppers.

I didn’t just outright win a competition though. You see, I needed to order some seeds from Kings Seeds. There were important seeds I needed, like more kinds of beans and Austrian Oil Seed Pumpkins; to produce pumpkin seeds for eating or putting in my homemade muesli; and, perhaps most importantly of all, Atlantic Giant pumpkin seeds. YES. Bring forth the GIANT PUMPKINS! There’s a possibility I’m a little too excited about giant pumpkins. I told The Husband I was getting giant pumpkin seeds and he asked what the pumpkins tasted like. When I told him they weren’t really for eating he was flabbergasted. Why would one grow pumpkins if they couldn’t be eaten? Especially if they were going to be humongous. He doesn’t understand the lure of giant pumpkins. It is because they are going to be humongous that I must grow them. I must! I told The Husband that I must but he still doesn’t understand. The giant pumpkins have captured my imagination and are holding it captive until I release them into my garden. I just don’t know where they are going to be released yet. Minor detail.

DSCF6323 cp
Can I grow an Atlantic Giant pumpkin this big? Er, probably not. But ain’t nobody gonna stop me from tryin’!

So, here I was with seeds that needed to be bought and knowing that at the start of every month Kings Seeds have a prize giveaway to the first ‘x’ orders over $40 that are received after the email stating what the prize is has been sent out. The start of May was approaching and I saw my chance. I scoured the seed lists and tallied up just over $40 worth of seeds in my cart. Then I waited. Some people may go back through previous emails to see what day and time the Kings Seeds email is likely to arrive in the inbox so they can be ready to pounce in with their order, but not I *cough*… The email arrived when I was tending to The Little Fulla, but I saw it not too long after. It stated that the first 10 orders would win a pair of Fiskars secateurs. Ooh! I got my order in 2 hours after receipt of the email. A few days later I was notified that I had won a pair of the secateurs. Hooray for giveaways and bordering-on-stalkerish-efforts to acquire them! My old secateurs have shrunk back into the shadows at the sight of these new, shiny, swanky secateurs. Don’t worry, oldies. I have sharpening tools now so you will get some love soon. Just maybe not quite as much love as my new, swanky ninja secateurs…

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