A Little Blossom to Celebrate Spring

What is spring without a little blossom? I almost forget about the fruit tree blossom until the flowers burst out of nowhere. Aside from being pretty, the flowers on the fruit trees signal the coming of an even greater future event: fruit. They also signal that I’ve run out of time to finish my apple and pear tree pruning before the plants put their energy into producing fruit and leaves. Ah well, I can have another crack at it in summer. The flowers don’t last for very long so we must enjoy them while we can.

The potted ‘Billington’ Plum tree. Two weeks later the flowers are on the way out and being overtaken by leaves. I was going to sell this since we have one in the garden but since I pruned the mature one rather hard I think I’ll keep this fulla around for this season in hopes that it might lend a hand in the plum department.
The yellow-fleshed plum that gave me all of three fruit last season. I have my eye on it. It has numerous flowers coming out now so it ought to be fruitful. If it doesn’t fruit well this season I’ll be even more inclined to think it’s a pollination issue.
The pretty-shaped flowers of the potted ‘Golden Queen’ peach tree. I really need to plant it but I’m still unsure where to put it.

The apricots haven’t started flowering yet so there’s more blossom to come. I really must get on with my herb garden so there are more flowers to encourage the bees. It’s hard to focus on things outside of the vege garden right now as there is so much going on!

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