In Which The Little Fulla’s Never-ending Jersey is Completed

Remember that jersey I started knitting for The Little Fulla some time in the distant past? A few days ago I finished it. Yes! I never gave up on it, but if you’ve seen what I’ve been up to in the garden you might understand the lack of time that has been devoted to knitting. I love the look of it and the colour, however, the pattern was bothersome in that it was knitted in ten million pieces that all had to be stitched together with their ten million ends woven in, hence taking me even longer, and thus the pattern will not likely cross my hands again!

Fortunately, it still fits The Little Fulla. Just. I made the sleeves plenty long but the body could be a bit longer. That was the part I knitted first, many moons ago. I finished sewing on the buttons on Saturday and The Little Fulla was going to wear the jersey to church on Sunday if I had anything to say about that. Luckily for him it was a cooler morning. He is going to wear it every chance I can get until he doesn’t fit it anymore.

The jersey was knitted with Drops Delight and I just love the colour. Using a multi-coloured yarn for a jersey made up of so many pieces is not really advisable, especially when the front is knitted in two pieces, but it worked out pretty well, partly thanks to my careful analysis of how the colours were going to match up (at least for the front and the sleeves) and partly thanks to pure luck. I even have some yarn left. Enough to make something… I just need to find a pattern…



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