Short Chicken Tales: Mr Bingley

Mr Bingley Goes to The Other Side

One day, Mr Bingley was fidgety and decided to see what was on the other side of the fence. While his human wasn’t looking, he got himself over the fence and into the paddock next door. It wasn’t quite as exciting as he thought it would be, as all his ladies seemed to be stuck in the orchard and couldn’t follow him. “Well,” thought Mr Bingley, “I don’t want to be in here by myself so I better announce to the world that I’m stuck.” Mr Bingley’s human was greatly shocked to find the rooster strolling along the fence, crowing, on the other side. “Don’t worry, Mr Bingley, I’ll save you!” She ran off to get the net and place a ramp onto the fence by the orchard. Mr Bingley did not want to go up the ramp. He didn’t want to get caught with the net either. He could see that there was a short space of fencing down the other end by the house that had some openings in it. He thought he might be able to get through. After the human tried to make him do weird things up and down the fence a few times he took matters into his own hands and shot through the fence between two wires. His human looked surprised and pleased and as he trotted off towards the pen he heard her say that he was smarter than his father. Mr Bingley was secretly chuffed about this. He was trying very hard to be a good rooster. He just had some crazy urges at the moment.

“Repeat to self: I am a good rooster.” “I am a good rooster.” “I am a… wheeeeeeeee!!!!!”

Mr Bingley and Lydia Elope

The next day, Mr Bingley was feeling very sprightly again. He could barely contain himself. Lydia suggested that they could go on an adventure together, just the two of them. Mr Bingley was a little reluctant after his adventure the previous day, but Lydia insisted that she would go out by herself if Mr Bingley did not accompany her. And so it was that the two of them found themselves in the vege garden. The human had been spending a lot of time in there and now they could see why: there were beds full of fresh, loose compost, all ready for digging in. So, this is what the human had been keeping to herself! Alas, before they could get up to too much mischief, they were discovered by the human. She did not look happy. She opened the gate and tried to make them go back into the pen. “This is not fair!” said Lydia, pouting. “I don’t see why I have to go back in there with my sisters. It’s much more fun out here.” “Oh, come along, dear,” reasoned Mr Bingley. “It’s not the same now that the human has discovered us anyway.” And so, the eloping couple were made to go back into the pen instead of indulging in the pleasures of the wider world.

Mr Bingley and Lydia make questionable plans.

5 thoughts on “Short Chicken Tales: Mr Bingley

  1. That got Dots and his girlfriends into trouble last year – him trying to keep them out trouble while free ranging. I’m so glad we fenced them into the pasture this year!

    I love hearing about their adventures! He’s going to make a good rooster as he matures!

    Liked by 1 person

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