Small Knitted Things

I finished knitting the baby bear beanie for The Little Sister’s incoming walnut. Then I forgot to take photos of it before I gave it to her. Never mind! I have an in-progress photo. That will have to do for now. The yarn was very soft but very hard to knit with as it didn’t have any stretch. I hope it fits its recipient’s head ok.

The baby bear beanie. Well, half of it.

The next small knitting project I did was slippers for The Little Fulla. My knitting time these last few months has gone down to a minuscule level. Thank goodness I have crafty nights here once a week, which force me to stop doing all the other things and sit down for a while. And so, these slippers took rather longer than they should have but I got them done before too much cold weather set in. The pattern had three sizes: large, medium and small. Small is child size. The Little Fulla is 1 1/2 so I made the small size a bit smaller. It turns out a bit too much smaller. The cuff is right, which I was judging the whole pattern size on, but the foot part needed to be a bit longer and deeper. Ah well! I will wet them and stretch them and hope they get a wee bit bigger. They were a simple pattern to make so maybe I should start making a bigger size now. I decided to do them in acrylic yarn because 1) it will be more hard-wearing and 2) the slippers are going to get dirty on the feet of a small child and are going to end up in the washing machine sooner or later. Also, I have a large ball of this brown/grey multi-coloured yarn loitering around.

So, what’s next? Well, I am awaiting the arrival of some lovely dark green merino yarn to make a jersey for The Little Fulla. One month before winter. Yes. I would like to think that I could get it done for this winter but I can hear the world laughing at me already. I’m going to have to do a lot more sitting down if that’s going to happen. Anyway, I am currently figuring out if I can make a hat for The Little Fulla using the leftover dark green yarn from a previous project, a scarf/cowl. This is the yarn that I tried to make another previous project with. Do you remember the wrist warmers that weren’t? I didn’t have enough of this yarn to finish them. So they died. I love the colour of this yarn and the small ball of it has been bothering me sitting around not being used. Must… find… something… to… make with it! I am just going to attempt the hat and if I run out of yarn I can always switch to a different yarn to finish it off. Let’s see what happens…

What do you think?

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