He Made Another One

Guess what The Husband made the other night? Another pile! He arrived home after a guys night very pleased with himself because he’d scored another load of the small, solid pallets and stuffed a whole bunch of them in his van. He knows where to find them. I was surprised he was so keen for more because it did take him an awful lot of time to break up, de-nail and cut up the last ones. But, he’s a keen bean so hooray for more free firewood! Just don’t ask where it’s going to go. No doubt, in a PILE somewhere…

Pallet pile
Introducing the newest pile, the chunky pallets, situated next to The Stone Pile.

After a little bit of sun, the cold snap arrived in our part of the country. The frosts have still only been very light but the air is chilly, the wind is blowing and the sun is hiding. Small, sick children (yes, again) and Twiglets have been stuck inside the house doing far less exciting things like trying to get all the washing done and cutting hair. Don’t worry, I was the one with the scissors. No, wait, do worry!

Frosty morning
Frosty but sunny mornings are much more welcome than rain.
Frosty morning herb garden
But now the sun has disappeared.

One good thing about this chilly weather is that we’ve used up most of the frowned-upon carport wood pile. Excellent. The Husband has been told not to pile the next lot of wood there. So, where will it end up? Nobody knows…

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