You Might Think We’ve Been Visited by a Mole

There were holes and mounds of dirt all around the property yesterday. I’m sure it looked like we’d been visited by a giant mole, even though I’ve never seen a mole or a mole hole. Yesterday, a stump grinder graced us with its grunty presence.

The Husband wields the stump grinder.

We really should have hired a stump grinder sooner. It makes short work of large and plentiful stumps. We just didn’t want to fork out for one. When I got the chance to hire some equipment for 20% off I immediately thought of a stump grinder, given our current need to get rid of at least one big feijoa stump in order to site the next firewood rack. In the few hours we had it, the stump grinder ate into:

  • 6 feijoa stumps along the western fence
  • 1 camellia stump in my Plant Alcove
  • 5 or so camellia stumps in the bit beside the front carport
  • 1 huge stump on The Mound out front
  • 1 stump in front of the fig tree.

And we could have gotten rid of more in that time if we’d needed to. The Husband did an awesome job operating the stump grinder. It is extremely satisfying getting rid of so many stumps in such a short space of time, knowing full well how long it takes us and how hard it is to dig them out by hand.

We couldn’t grind up all of the feijoa stumps because the fence was built right over top of all of them. We will never understand why someone would build a fence without removing large stumps underneath it, or at the very least killing them. The Husband is now trying to get rid of the parts of the stumps close to or under the fence with his chainsaw, which is very difficult. Hopefully we can get rid of enough of them to stop them from resprouting. There are actually three more feijoa stumps along this fence in the Maple Garden, which haven’t resprouted as much due to being smothered by plants, so I’ll have to come up with something to kill those with anyway.

Here are some photos of our exciting dirt-filled day.



It was The Weekend of Dirt really, winding up with the grand finale of removing the large stump from the corner of the raised garden that we’re demolishing in the chicken pen. Woohoo! We’ll save that for later. We’ve all been coated in a lot of dirt this weekend and had a lot of showers and baths. Tomorrow, I will be cleaning.

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