Mid-winter Flowers

I think I appreciate flowers more in winter than in the more floriferous times of year, because they just bring some joy, hope and prettiness amidst the gloom and cold of winter. Here’s to taking time to inspect and enjoy the flowers.

IMG_20180723_090606553_HDR 4x3
A white hellebore or winter rose.
IMG_20180727_094819501_HDR w
I’m glad I bunged some snowflakes (Leucojum vernum) under the loquat tree last year.

IMG_20180723_090640687_HDRIMG_20180727_094530420_HDR 3x2IMG_20180728_150656638_HDR 3x2

The red camellia.


The ornamental quince is smothered in flowers of my least favourite colour, but they are still a beautiful sight.


IMG_20180723_091013801_HDR 3x2
Even daisies are allowed to linger in winter.
IMG_20180724_154222003_HDR ed
Lovely birthday orchids, which I definitely didn’t grow.

IMG_20180725_121547549_HDR 3x2

5 thoughts on “Mid-winter Flowers

  1. Snowdrops went through a phase in the Northern Hemisphere when they were in bloom. Everyone was writing about them. I did not get it, but someone explained that in cooler climates, there was not much more blooming at the time.

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    1. I haven’t gotten around to putting many flowering plants in the garden yet, but the snowdrops are one of the first to bloom and it is very nice to have the cheerful, crisp little flowers to look at when everything else is dreary. I expect they are an even more welcome sight when there are big drifts of them.

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      1. I felt so left out when everyone was writing about them, but then realized that there were snowflakes that had naturalized in the garden. I do not know where they came from, but they were good enough for me, even if they do not look much like snowdrops.

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