Doors And Dirt

At last, the painting of the front door is over! I didn’t think it would take so long. That is always the way with a small child on the loose. It has been an interesting juggling act. As I was finishing up tidying around the edges of the glass panes, I looked up to see yet another load of dirt disappearing on the back of a dump truck. The small child had struck again. There’s been a lot of unauthorised dirt shifting around here. I am currently making decisions about handles and locks before the door can be tried out.

The front door with a completed paint job. The old handle is on there at the moment, but it might be in for a change.

The Husband has been mulching more branches and The Little Fulla has been helping me to tidy and weed around the Vege Garden paths before cardboard is laid down to be topped with mulch. At one point, I became aware that The Little Fulla was stomping around, repeating, in a growly voice, “Stop making babies! Stop making babies!” A large colony of snails of all sizes had been uncovered and he was stomping on them, with stern warnings about their breeding habits. Oh, he says the funniest things sometimes! Worms, on the other hand, are highly regarded, and get transported to his vege garden to live there.

This path between the Vege Garden and the neighbours’ paddock has been Weed Central. The buttercups are the worst, spreading everywhere and being hard to dig out. This means war.
More and more cardboard and mulch is being laid around the Vege Garden. And my attention has turned back to the Great Vege Garden Expansion Plan.
The Little Fulla’s vege garden.

Great progress has been made on tidying up the Plant Alcove area, in which I have great aspirations of plant-growing. The Husband finished mulching all the smaller branches from the Pruning Mountain. I cut up the bigger ones for firewood and moved wheelbarrow loads of the more decomposed stuff to the Vege Garden to be used as mulch on the paths. The Pruning Mountain is officially gone. Like, actually GONE. Hooray! No longer will that great hulk be visible from space. And no longer will pruning mountains be allowed to form there.

Forget crop circles, we have a pruning mountain circle.

Furthermore, I moved the stumps; one into The Little Fulla’s play area by the sandpit and the others to the carport to await cutting, I sold the wooden dog kennel that had been loitering around, moved out the chicken killing cones to the Vege Garden area, stacked the pallets tidily to await cutting and attempted to move the big cable reel into The Little Fulla’s play area. The bottom of the heavy cable reel promptly broke as it was more than a little rotten from sitting on the ground. So that’s now sitting in the corner while we decide what to do with it. The Plant Alcove is suddenly looking very spacious and I am feeling very pleased.

Ta-da! The Plant Alcove is nearing the end of its clean-up.
“Can I climb on it?” asked The Little Fulla. Um, not anymore. And Paris is, of course, demanding bugs to be brought to her.
The killing cones can go here for now, by the nectarine tree.

In further tidying news, I asked The Husband to get the pallet wood pile in the back carport cut up. The Husband promptly fell asleep. Someone bought the concrete posts that were sitting right underneath said pile, so The Husband had a concrete deadline and the wood was dealt with. I also pulled the guttering off the carport so the water won’t pool in one hole by the Vege Garden and as part of the carport dismantling.


It’s getting better…

In other edibles news, the Agria potatoes have been set for chitting and the large, crossing branch has been chainsawed of the walnut tree. I have photographic evidence that the loquat tree is quite capable of forming fruit. Now to see if we’ll get fruit this year or whether they’ll disappear in the dead of night at the paws of a possum or befall some other mysterious fate.

So, the loquat tree is growing fruit.
The walnut tree is looking more tidy.

I have been shifting lovely compost out of the chickens’ compost bin and onto the Vege Garden. Thanks, chickens! The empty compost bay wasn’t empty for long, as I have been poop collecting. In went the horse poop. Our kitchen scraps and other things are now going on top of it so the material in the other bay can finish composting.

Beautiful compost for the garden.

The first wave of seed-sowing for spring has begun: capsicums (peppers), chillies, tomatoes and cocktail onions. I would have done the onions sooner but I only recently ordered the seeds. I am trying out both white and purple cocktail onions in order to save space. The only problem is that I planted red onion leftovers from The Little Fulla’s vege garden into my onion spot. Hmm.

The onions are coming.

The old Billington plum tree is a beautiful sight, smothered in white flowers. The young tree has some catching up to do, but they will be quite a sight together when it gets bigger. The Little Fulla is expecting fruit any day, like NOW. Patience is a good lesson to learn.

How could one not be happy looking at this after a long winter?

The little chickens are getting bigger, but still on the outer from the big chickens. Mr black cockerel has been very quiet. He’s probably scared to step out of line with bossy Paris around.

IMG_20180823_164212332_HDR 3x2.jpg

Now, I have another door to paint. This future laundry door isn’t as important as the front door, but it still needs some work before it’s fit to be seen in the house. Funnily enough, it’s red on one side. But it’s the inside side. Which we don’t want to be red. I am in the process of pulling off all the old hardware. And trying to avoid the thought of having to paint it. And getting thoroughly distracted by the Great Vege Garden Expansion Plan…

3 thoughts on “Doors And Dirt

  1. Oh, I so miss English walnut trees. They used to be one of the more common orchard trees in the Santa Clara Valley. There were two very old former orchard trees at the home of my ancestors. They were there before the home was built, and were kept when the home was built there. Sadly, the family who moved in cut both trees down.

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  2. Haha, everything does seem to take twice as long with little helpers around!

    I need to start ,moving our chicken compost out to the garden, too. Don’t you just love that the chickens do all the work for you? It’s def how they earn their keep!

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