A Little Boy’s 3rd Birthday

We’ve recently celebrated The Little Fulla’s 3rd birthday. Where has the time gone? That’s a very good question, because I actually lost track of time, suddenly realising that  The Little Fulla’s party was only one week out. There goes making stuff in advance to avoid a mad rush. Fortunately, I had already gathered a few supplies. There was lots of food to make and there were lots of things to be tidied.

I also decided to make a bunting, because why have plastic party decorations that are adding to the plastic waste problem when you can make a bunting in your chosen style that can be re-used? Somehow, the bunting flags ended up being glued onto the string on the morning of the party. There were many things to be done and The Husband knew that he needed to make himself useful, so I reluctantly handed over the reigns of the bunting assembly to him. Things started off a bit questionably but The Husband soon got the hang of it and motored through the remaining long strand of bunting. I just had to come along behind and do some quality control.

Part of the long bunting.
DSCF5197 ws
Another bunting. We kind of ran out of time to iron the bunting flags. Oops!

Quality control had gone out the window the day before with the baking of the cake. It climaxed in the fastening strap on the metal cake tin breaking, meaning I had to wait for the already slightly overcooked cake to cool down for a while before the tin was cool enough to prise apart and off the cake with my fingers. But the cake lived and I attempted to cover its flaws with decoration.

IMG_20180901_124637409_HDR 4x3
The birthday cake.

There were many, many little buns made. We made egg salad, chicken and bacon to go inside them. They didn’t have quality control issues. They were good, good buns.

Naturally, The Little Fulla was a great help the day before his party. With unquenchable over-excitement he ran around the house yelling unintelligible things at the top of his voice, terrorising the fur child and making a fort under his desk from which he threw missiles in the form of toys and did more yelling. Yes, he was bonkers but at the same time he was amusing himself enough to enable me to get some things done. I was mightily dismayed when he discovered, with splendid timing, that he was tall enough to open the hall door. Naps are now just special gifts that happen every now and then if we’re really lucky.

The Mother-in-law knitted a lovely green cardigan for The Little Fulla. It’s the same pattern I used to knit him a cardigan when he was much younger. This yarn is nice and soft.

Unfortunately, in the drive to get things done, like speed-mowing the lawns and mulching the pruning mountains, I overworked an injured muscle or two that I’ve had trouble with for a few weeks. This week I’ve been paying the price, having to sit around doing not much of anything while I let the muscles rest properly. I’m trying to teach my left arm to do things but it’s a bit of a slow learner.

IMG_20180905_130541193_HDR 3x2
I can still enjoy the bees. The bees have been falling over each other to feed from the Billington plum flowers.
We had a couple of very windy, stormy days, which left white plum petals all over the ground like little snowflakes. The Coprosma ‘Black Cloud’ seems to approve.

I will leave you with some birthday quotes from The Little Fulla:

  • “Daddy, you have to move your van so my party people can park.”
  • “I’m just a wee, tiny adult.”
  • (The next day, after telling me that he liked the ‘party balls’ and monster trucks on his cake…) “But I wanted a dump truck cake. I didn’t want a monster machine one.”
  • “Is it my birthday again?”

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