The Flowers of Summer

Our garden is still a little bit sparse on the ‘pretties’, but I’m slowly getting more in. Here’s a colourful splash of some of our summer flowers.

We meet again. The calla lily – Zantedeschia ‘Black Panther’.
IMG_20190119_084302435_HDR 3x2.jpg
Hydrangeas make for an easy flower arrangement. I opt for the ones that aren’t bright blue.
Ok, these aren’t exactly flowers, but if you look closely there are flowerheads on the Carex buchananii sedge. Foliage brings interesting colours in its own right.

6 thoughts on “The Flowers of Summer

  1. I’ve toyed with the idea of almost-red ones, but I don’t know how stable the colour would be in our acidic soil. I am, however, very keen to get some oakleaf hydrangeas with white flowers, as the autumn leaf colour is quite something.


  2. Hydrangeas are such a trip. It seems like only a few years ago, they were pink, blue or white. The white ones were always white. The pink or blue ones were pink or blue depending on the pH of the soil. They are so much more reliable as one color or the other, with purple and almost red in the mix.

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    1. Acidity makes them blue. Alkalinity makes them pink. However, most of the modern cultivars are more stable than older cultivars. Those that should be blue might be more purplish in alkaline soil, but will still maintain some of the their blueness. Those that should be pink should likewise be somewhat pink, even if acidity makes them more purplish than they should be. White is always white.

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        1. Yes, Tony’s right. I could make mine turn more purpley by adding lime or something to the soil, but I haven’t bothered since I’m planning to remove most of them anyway. Also, I don’t like the idea of having to keep putting stuff in the soil to increase the alkalinity. The acidity is good for most edible crops and other things I’m growing.


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