Where Did All The Knitting go?

Where did all the knitting go? It has been quite a while since I displayed some knitted efforts. I barely knitted at all over summer because it was just so hot and, not at my best, I was too tired at the end of the day. Also, I picked a fiddly cable pattern for knitting a dishcloth, which is a little bit insane. I was trying to make the dishcloth more exciting by having beautiful trees on it and also wanted to see how it went for potential future use of the trees on another, more prestigious project, like a cushion cover or blanket or even a jersey. That kind of backfired because my drive to knit a dishcloth was not very high and my drive to focus on a fiddly cable pattern was not very high, so, there may have been rather a lot of avoidance going on.

If that wasn’t enough, The Little Fulla pulled my work off the knitting needles more than once and I made several mistakes, which I chose to ignore, because it is just a dishcloth after all, plus it was too difficult to go back and I just really wanted to get it done. I had to keep forging ahead so I could get onto knitting something more exciting. Or more simple. However, I am here to announce the finishing of the tree dishcloth. The yarn I used is Garnstudio DROPS Paris, which is 100% cotton. I can’t say I really enjoyed knitting with it, but I do like the trees. The crazy trees.

DSCF6763 ed.jpg
The tree dishcloth.

Fortunately, The Mother-in-law has perfect timing in producing needed knitted goods. She made this beautiful jersey, hat and slippers for The Little Fulla, which is much more impressive than a dishcloth and much appreciated since he seems to grow faster than the pace of my knitting.

A knitted jersey and slippers and a crocheted hat.
Those are some nice cables.

Now, I am knitting some boot cuffs. When searching for a pattern I was quite taken with more than one pattern featuring lovely cables. I wisely avoided these and, using an acrylic yarn that was in my stash, began a very basic pattern that will be done in no time. But I can’t help feeling like they look a little bit… plain. If I like the look and size of the boot cuffs then perhaps I will get some better yarn and delve into a nicer but more attention-demanding cabled pattern. Maybe.

What do you think?

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