A Few of my Favourite Things in New Baby Season

When you’re looking after a newborn baby there are some things that you really appreciate. A lot of them are simple things that you just appreciate more because of the busy, tiring time that you’re in. In the first few weeks, and sometimes even now, when we ask each other what our favourite part of the day was at dinner time, my favourite parts were generally having a shower and when The Husband arrived home, once he was back at work.

I have had a heightened appreciation for showers ever since we weren’t able to use ours for a bit after the first Christchurch earthquake. Our shower here is old and crappy and needs to be replaced. It makes loud noises and the temperature dial is extremely sensitive, which is not fun. It isn’t the sort of shower you want anyone to use. But every time I get into it after a long day I am so thankful. After a day of baby duties it feels like hopping into a thermal pool. Also, I get to be alone in my thoughts without being able to hear anyone for just a little while. Always be thankful for your shower.

Food is also a favourite thing. Any food will do when I’m feeding a hungry baby. The sooner it gets in my face the better. I have a particular fondness for energy balls, my favourites from the supermarket being KISS bites. I also discovered V8 Healthy Greens vegetable juice when I was craving energy from green vegetables but couldn’t manage to pick and juice my own. You just need some things that you can grab and consume quickly.

It feels weird buying juiced greens but it sure is better than buying unhealthy snack foods! Energy balls are a good alternative to more sugary things.

Another favourite food would have to be meatballs. That isn’t just a baby season thing; I am always smitten with meatballs. There’s something whimsical about meatballs that makes me happy. Anyway, I have not been able to make meatballs but I have a special friend who has.

This friend is definitely one of my favourite things. She went above and beyond just doing something helpful. She has loved me with her acts of checking in on me every week (before lockdown) and bringing me food, not just tasty meals, but snacks for me, which were always just the right thing. Last time she brought me a stack of pancakes, along with toppings. Who does that?! Only a person who knows how to love outside of her own desires and her own busyness.

Every time she brought something I thought, “Again?!” I can’t even express how thankful I am or how special it made me feel. And she made meatballs more than once. They’re such a great thing to have in the freezer as I can whip out a few and heat them up for a snack or as part of lunch. I’m getting hungry, so let’s move on.

Well, sort of. My mum cannot possibly escape being one of my favourite things. She has a beautiful servant heart and brought meals and baking or helped with some cleaning when she could, even though she has plenty of other things to do and people to help out. She always asks if the food she makes is ok, which it always is, but aside from that I find it funny because I would eat just about anything that meant I didn’t have to scramble to get everything prepped and cooked while a baby is crying for my attention.

We all know baby clothes are pretty cute, but we have a onesie, a second-hand onesie, that is one of my favourite things. It isn’t the prettiest one. It has a picture from The Lion King and says, “Hakuna matata.” You can’t stay down or frustrated with a piece of clothing like that on your baby, because you can’t not start singing, “It means no worries! For the rest of your days…” Oh, gotta love that onesie. Sadly, it’s too small now.

It means no worries.

The baby wrap/blanket that I knitted for Miss Scarlet became one of my favourite things. Known as The Little Blanket, it followed me everywhere until it started getting warmer. Its small size, lightness and softness make it easy to carry around, yet the merino still makes it warm. It can cover the baby to keep her warm at any time, help prop up my arm while feeding if I need a bit more cushioning or even wrap around my neck to keep me warm while feeding on cold nights. I’m glad I knitted it.

The Little Blanket.

Those are some of the main things that have made me happy or thankful in the days of looking after a new baby. Simple things, but good things.

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