More Photos of Christchurch

Since there were just too many good photos to fit in one blog post, here’s a second round of photos from our Christchurch holiday. Enjoy looking at them whilst I try to assemble a post about the masses of things we’ve been up to since we got back… Climbing on the Port Hills. Scrambling around … More More Photos of Christchurch

Lest we Forget

It was Anzac Day on Wednesday last week, the day that we remember those who fought in the wars. We were in Christchurch, and although we didn’t make it to a parade, we learnt a little about the wars from visiting the Air Force Museum of New Zealand as well as the Canterbury Museum. Our … More Lest we Forget

Pumpkin Madness

We entered the pumpkin madness zone this past weekend. The Great Pumpkin Carnival was on on Sunday and there was much preparation to be done on Saturday. I looked over all my pumpkins and made final selections about which ones to enter into which categories. Then they needed to be carefully cleaned, quickly photographed and … More Pumpkin Madness