More Photos of Christchurch

Since there were just too many good photos to fit in one blog post, here’s a second round of photos from our Christchurch holiday. Enjoy looking at them whilst I try to assemble a post about the masses of things we’ve been up to since we got back…

Climbing on the Port Hills.

DSCF4841 ws

Scrambling around the beach.


Wandering in parks and reserves.


Making new friends.


DSCF4969 ed

Checking out the museum.

And learning how to cook a crayfish tail.


3 thoughts on “More Photos of Christchurch

    1. Yes, a crayfish is a crawfish/crawdad/freshwater lobster or whatever else people call them. Very tasty, but not something I get to eat often.

      We don’t have any native oaks here. Christchurch has a lot of exotic tree species as it was one of the earlier places to be settled. Lots of beautiful old trees. It is known as the Garden City.

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      1. Ha! ‘Garden City’ is a casino in San Jose. I think of it as something relative to New Jersey.
        We get crawdads that are pretty good, but it is still too early for them. We can not eat them on the Santa Clara Valley side.

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