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At some times of the year we have chickens for sale from our small flock of beautiful Australorps. The main time pullets (young hens) are available is late spring and through summer. We also sometimes have laying hens available. Cockerels (young roosters) usually provide food for our family but if you are looking for a nice rooster to look after you flock, feel free to contact us.

Scroll down to the Chicken Sale Enquiries form at the bottom of the page if you would like to discuss your desire to purchase chickens.

Our chickens are fed Sharpes feed. The Hi-Lay pellets have 18% protein, which helps heavy breed hens to do well. It is one of only two brands available (that I know of) that have a protein level that high. You can purchase Sharpes feed from Hamilton Heritage Hens, which is a lovely family-run business located near Hamilton Airport.

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Why Australorps?

Australorps are a great heritage breed for the homesteading lifestyle. Here’s why.


They are a heavy, dual-purpose breed, which means they are useful for both eggs and meat. Pullets start laying from 21 weeks of age or older. The hens tend to go broody sometimes; how often depends on the individual. This means you can have a sustainable flock by hatching your own eggs, as the hens make great mums. Excess cockerels are a good source of meat for the family. Australorps have a history of exceptional egg laying and we are working to bring that back. They are also great foragers and scratchers, so they can help turn compost piles and dispose of old crops from the garden. They live and produce eggs for longer than commercial red hybrid hens, so are a good long-term solution.

Ease of handling

Because they are big, they stay inside fences a lot more easily than commercial hybrid egg layers and light breeds and they are easier to catch. With regular handling they can become quite the snuggle chicken.


They are a friendly, docile breed, so they are a great choice for families – kids love them – and they are more tolerant of new additions or changes to the flock. Australorp roosters are a great choice if you want a well-behaved rooster. Knowing what to look for, we do not keep birds that show aggressive tendencies from a young age.

Good looks

Australorps aren’t just a pretty face, but you might as well look good while you’re doing a good job, right? With their large size, dark eyes, and their pretty colours of blue or black with a green sheen, people love to watch them doing their chickeny things.

Here’s what our breeding is working towards:

  • Looks according to the breed standard
  • Good health
  • Good egg-laying
  • Good natures

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