Vegetable Seedlings For Sale

In spring we usually have a small selection of vegetable seedlings available for purchase, and sometimes during other seasons. We grow a lot of our own food and that means growing a lot of vegetable seedlings from seed. And there are always more than what we can fit in our garden… All seedlings are grown with organic potting mixes and don’t have any chemicals applied to them. We grow mostly heritage (heirloom) varieties. Grab them while you can. Local (outskirts of Hamilton) pick-up only.

To purchase, fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page.

All current vegetable seedlings are in 5cm pots.

$2 each




Produces medium-sized cucumbers with smooth, non-bitter skin. Great for fresh eating or making pickles when young. High-yielding. Has some resistance to mildew. Add lime to the soil.



Produces medium-sized, smooth-skinned cucumbers. Tasty & high-yielding. Add lime to the soil.




A melon with thick, lime green flesh, changing to light yellow when fully ripe. Tasty fruit of 20-25cm diameter & up to 3kg. Needs good moisture and benefits from lime mixed into the soil.




This one is spicy! Tapered, dark green peppers, turning bright red when mature. Tasty for cooking with fresh or dried, or dehydrate & grind into a year’s supply of cayenne pepper. Can be grown in a large pot.

Pumpkins & Squashes

Pumpkin Jack Be Little


One of the smallest pumpkin varieties around. They aren’t the sweetest for eating, but great fun for kids or for use as decorations. A long vine that can be grown vertically since the fruit are mini.

Squash Butternut


A less vigorous vine that produces a number of 1-2kg-sized fruit. High sugar content, great for roasting or ‘pumpkin’ baking.

Squash Chuck’s Winter


A vigorous vine that likes space, but in return produces a number of large, 2-4kg, ribbed, sweet fruit. We like them just as much as butternuts and they store very well when ripe.


All our tomato varieties are indeterminate growers.

Albenga Oxheart

Italian Heritage

Produces red, rounded, pear-shaped fruit of up to 230g. Meaty flesh with great flavour. A late season variety. Good disease resistance.

Amish Paste

Amish Heritage

An old, highly-regarded variety that produces large, elongated red fruit. The flesh is meaty with a low number of seeds. Delicious flavour when fresh and an excellent sauce tomato.

Brandywine Pink

Amish Heritage

An old variety that produces very large, pink, meaty fruit with green shoulders. Their shape isn’t always uniform but they make up for that with delicious flavour.

Broad Ripple Yellow Currant


A vigorous, sprawling, very high-yielding cherry tomato with small (1cm), yellow fruit. Sweet and low-acid. Crops for a long time, into autumn.

Gardener’s Delight


Our staple red cherry tomato, with bunches of fruit that are a large cherry size. Delightfully sweet flavour that isn’t easily forgotten. Indeterminate, vigorous vines that come into their own late in the season.

King’s Gold


Produces a good supply of large gold tomatoes of delicious flavour. Plants are said to have excellent disease resistance.