What Shall I Put on my Sandwiches? #1 – Egg Salad

I have developed a little bit of a dislike for processed ham. It’s not particularly good for you, it doesn’t taste that great and it makes waste with its packaging. When you make salad-type sandwiches, at least in New Zealand, they typically have ham, lettuce and tomato on them. And maybe some extras like cheese, … More What Shall I Put on my Sandwiches? #1 – Egg Salad

Our Daily Bread

Here is the recipe for our daily (or second-daily) wholemeal bread. I have been asked for it by numerous people – it’s just so good! The original recipe was posted on Food.com by dbsnova¬†and is called 100% Whole Grain Wheat Bread. This makes two loaves in the traditional oven method, which I did before we … More Our Daily Bread