What Shall I Put on my Sandwiches? #1 – Egg Salad

DSCF0512 cp

I have developed a little bit of a dislike for processed ham. It’s not particularly good for you, it doesn’t taste that great and it makes waste with its packaging. When you make salad-type sandwiches, at least in New Zealand, they typically have ham, lettuce and tomato on them. And maybe some extras like cheese, avocado and dressings. What’s up with the processed ham thing? I think it’s just a convenient thing for us to buy and have in the fridge to make the vege sandwiches taste a bit nicer. Plus, we Kiwis really like our meat.

Well, I decided I wanted something better to go on my sandwiches. I haven’t bought ham for quite a while and had just stopped having salad-type sandwiches in the process. What was I having on my sandwiches? Jam. Every day. I like jam a lot, but it’s not exactly healthy to have it all the time. Especially when it comes from the supermarket. Argh! So I stopped buying jam. I’m planning to make some jam when the summer fruit comes into season, and would like to experiment with glucose instead of sugar.

Anyway, that left me looking for things to put on my sandwiches. I wanted to get more veges into my lunches too. Something made me think about egg, and before I knew it I had found a tasty and simple egg salad recipe on Allrecipes.com. Now I make egg salad at least once a week, with my homemade mayo, and put it on my homemade bread with salad greens, tomato and sometimes other veges if I can be bothered. No meat? Shock horror! This is a cheap sandwich. And it’s so much better than ham. And, dare I say it, jam…

DSCF0520 cp

Here is the recipe link: Delicious Egg Salad for Sandwiches by wifeyluvs2cook on Allrecipes.com.


  • Sitting the eggs in a pot of cold water for up to an hour makes them easier to peel. If you are super-organised…
  • You can hard boil the eggs ahead of time and keep them (shelled) in the fridge for up to a week.
  • You can add other things to the egg salad such as parsley, other herbs, celery, capsicum, etc. I usually just add chopped parsley to keep it simple.
  • I halve this recipe, mix everything together in a plastic container to save dishes and pop it in the fridge. It does The Husband and I for two days of lunchables.


DSCF0551 cp
Just a good sandwich.

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