Good Crop, Bad Crop

Last time I talked about the pumpkins and squashes, which despite the powdery mildew and earlier-than-usual demise, still gave us decent crops. Except for the Pink Banana Jumbo squash, both plants of which grew like a stunted sloth and finally aborted their puny fruit. I blame the poor quality of the seeds. Plus the slugs … More Good Crop, Bad Crop

Seed Giveaway

Everyone likes a giveaway. For one happy reader, I have two packets of vegetable seeds up for grabs: one each of pumpkin ‘Small Sugar‘ and carrot ‘Berlicum‘ (organic). I can recommend the carrots as good, large, tasty growers and although I haven’t tried this pumpkin cultivar yet, they sound like a very tasty option and … More Seed Giveaway

Homestead Update

Well, things have been certifiably nuts around here of late. I have been sick and fatigued off and on as I try to figure out what food or foods are causing me issues. That is making it difficult to get things done and it seems time is whizzing by while I’m scrambling to get a … More Homestead Update