Sloth or Still Here!?

Life continues, like a strange rollercoaster of ebbs and flows, carried by a constant tide of pregnancy peculiarities, both physical and emotional. Sometimes I feel bold, driven and overwhelmed by thankfulness, like Morpheus, not the chicken, the strong and prestigious leader in The Matrix movies, when he addresses the mass of people before him and … More Sloth or Still Here!?

A Family Flock Affair

The feather babies¬†are 2 1/2 weeks old already. Where does the time go? To be honest, I’m surprised that all eight are still alive. Not because I’ve been looking after them badly or anything, but you know. I haven’t had the best luck with chickens this year.¬†These chicks sure are tough. I am liking Australorps … More A Family Flock Affair

The Nutty Season

Technically, it’s nutty season all year at my place. But Autumn is walnut-gathering season. Having a big walnut tree is marvelous. It has kept me with enough nuts for my homemade muesli all year. We just have to keep up with the gathering with wet weather lurking around so we don’t end up with rotten … More The Nutty Season