Fruit Check-in

After the craziness of Christmas I now have some time to catch up on my gardening and blogging. There are so many things to write about! I will start with the fruit. Oh, yes, and happy New Year people! Our hot, sticky New Year’s Eve was spent trying to get The Little Fulla to sleep … More Fruit Check-in

Fergus The Feijoa

This is Fergus, the biggest feijoa I have harvested to date. He weighs 235g. He’s quite¬†scarred; must have had an adventurous trip from the tree to the ground!

Feijoa Frenzy

It seems you can either have not enough feijoas or too many. We have a case of too many. There are three feijoa trees along the front of the property, of great size and stamina. When the feijoas began to fall I scurried around, jealously collecting them so the passers-by, especially greedy kids, wouldn’t take … More Feijoa Frenzy